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Real Estate is experiencing the most significant change it has seen in decades. There are a lot if disruptors in the market fighting for marketing space. The historical brokerage model is disappearing and being replaced by online platforms that provide information at a blink of an eye, with AI advancing at an incredible pace, it can even predict clients problems and offer a variety solution within seconds. So how do we enter this new real estate era, by aligning ourselves with the advancing technology? We use the standard formats that have a been a staple that is still attacking consumers, but we add to those the newest (proven, not all things “new” work) technology that is appropriate to the consumer we are attempting to attract. We recently sold a medical office building by retargeting on Facebook, a method not commonly used with commercial real estate. We strategically market to the “ideal” buyer or tenant for our listings. The last decade of real estate marketing was placing the listing on the top search sites and wait for the consumer to come to your listing and inquiry, new marketing techniques state we place our listings where they are living, working and be a disruptor. We provide an online message that resonates with a need they have in their business. Our innovative marketing strategy is systematically implemented using many proven faucets and resources. We align the best “disruptive marketing “ to every real estate asset we list.

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