Expanding or in Need of a Second Location in the Las Vegas Valley

Business is booming, and you’re experiencing growth enough to warrant a second location to service more of the Las Vegas Valley! You’re likely excited but have trepidation about scaling and ensuring you make the right decisions during the process.

Factors to Consider When Opening a New Office Location

Leasing or purchasing commercial real estate comes down to more than just price because what might seem right today may not be right tomorrow. You’ll have to consider the impact on your employees, where current and future employment centers are located, the projected population growth for certain areas, and where else your target customer base lives and shops.  

When you work with us, we pay attention to the leading economic factors in the Las Vegas Valley to forecast its impact to your business.

Financing Your Second Location

We’re familiar with the banks, available business loans, SBA, and more to provide you with advice as your explore the right financial options for your situation. We’ll also provide up-to-date information on the current rates (by square foot) for office, retail, and industrial locations. Start your journey today.

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