Commercial Real Estate Value in Las Vegas

Knowing the current market value of your building is essential whether you’re selling it, drawing from its capital, figuring out rental rates, and more.

What Is My Las Vegas Commercial Property Worth?

Certainly, your commercial building has more worth than the inherent value of its walls and roof. That’s why commercial real estate valuation is less straight-forward than residential: The location of the building, its market value, the cost to replicate the building in our current real estate climate, and how much income the property currently brings in can all affect what your commercial property could really go for and how it’s viewed as an asset.

Commercial Real Estate Value

Online calculators or comparing how much the building down the street sold for won’t tell the whole story. Take the guesswork out of discovering the value of your building by contacting us.

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  • Taking capital from the property
  • CAP rates for the area and building type
  • And much more

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