Preparing Commercial Property
for Sale or Refinance

Knowing the current market value of your building is essential whether you’re selling it, drawing from its capital with a refinance, figuring out how to get the most out of your property should be left to just any broker.

At Crown Point Commercial we have the knowledge and experience to understand exactly what it takes to get the most from your income property. A small change in rent rolls, tenant allocation, uses can result in significant swings to its valuation.

What Is My Las Vegas Commercial Property Worth?

Certainly, your commercial building has more worth than the inherent value of its walls and roof. That’s why commercial real estate valuation is less straight-forward than residential: The location of the building, its market value, the cost to replicate the building in our current real estate climate, and how much income the property currently brings in, tenant strength can all affect what your commercial property could really go for and how it’s viewed as an asset.

When you work with Crown Point Commercial you can expect an EXTRAordinary commercial real estate experience because we have the local knowledge needed to address these issues and help ensure you get maximum value. Also, we will evaluate other factors such as:

  • What type of tenant base will heavily be desired in the market
  • What does a balance tenant base due
  • How Crown point can assist in evaluating the current tenants, financial strength of tenant, lease structure, and expenses compared to what market is demanding to maximize the sale of your property
  • What is the current CAP rate for my area, building type, and use?
  • Why is it essential to have stable tenants with solid financials, standard market leases, and terms
  • How Crown Point can implement action steps to turn around your center/complex to increase your ROI and make it deliver the CAP and market conditions investors/banks are looking for
  • What is the current lease terms in the market place for strip retail, industrial, office? What is preferred NNN or Modified Gross

When you work with the Crown Point Commercial team, we’ll go over your options to ensure you’re making the best choice for your investment. We understand how the process works and can analyze what strategies you should implement to improve your ROI. Not only do we have a pulse on the local Las Vegas market for commercial real estate, but we also have a background in general contracting. This means we can provide reasonable projections about building improvements and other issues that could impact your investment.

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